Is There Proof That UFOs Are Real?

For centuries, humans have debated the existence of extraterrestrial beings and even our ancient ancestors have left behind evidence of their beliefs. UFO sightings have become even more commonplace in the last century and famous UFO sighting incidents have sparked plenty of disbelief, investigations, and even fanaticism. Having said that, sometimes, we must look at the bigger picture that there are thousands of reported sightings to consider when thinking about proof.

Proof of alien life for scientists is finding microorganisms from outer space. For others, making contact with these enigmatic extraterrestrials has happened. What proof is there that aliens exist?

We must bring up the Roswell incident as it embodies every aspect of the perfect UFO sighting. We have government officials declining to speak of the incident, reports that have been hidden from the public and purportedly, even an actual alien body. It has been decades since the sighting in 1947, but in 2017 a video emerged that has been alleged to contain proof that an alien body was in fact found in the crash.

A swedish video has also emerged in more recent times as it chronicles the flight of a UFO over Gothenburg. In fact, many have argued that it may be the best evidence and proof that aliens do exist. Such videos seem to emerge at regular intervals, and a famous online blogger has reported that UFO sighting incidents are now totaling well over 100,000 in the last century.

UFO folklore has dazzled many worldwide, but in terms of scientific proof, there’s virtually none to back up UFO sighting claims. Still, we can’t deny that many people have seen something unexplained and this tradition is far-reaching back to thousands of years. Perhaps, with technological advancements, we may be able to find conclusive proof once and for all whether aliens are real.